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Biscuits Aussie Beef Stockman 10 Kilo

Biscuits Aussie Beef Stockman 10 Kilo

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Crafted in Australia specifically for Australian Dogs.
For two generations now, our roots have been firmly planted in regional New South Wales, we are experts in crafting quality foods.
Stockman & Paddock is a culmination of passion and experience, created with Australian sourced meat.

No Added Artificial colours or flavours.
No Added Sugar.
With added meat protein.
With carrot you can see.

Palatability: High in dogs tested (sample size 50 dogs of various breeds). Meat sources used for increased palatability vs sugars.
Value for money: Metabolised Energy (ME) per 100g higher than box 1 meaning a more economical treat. Biscuit weight 25g average. Approx 400 per box (double 4×2)
What is the nutrition vs box 1: Key ingredients similar to box 1, recipe simplified & palatability improved
What breeds is this product for? This biscuit has been designed for all breeds of dogs

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