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Complete Performer 20kg Barastoc

Complete Performer 20kg Barastoc

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Barastoc Complete Performer – Complete Muesli For Horses

Barastoc Complete Performer is a highly palatable horse muesli feed that promotes a calm temperament and contains a natural equine antacid for horses prone to gastric ulcers and poor gut health. Barastoc Complete Performer’s specially created slow-release formula is designed to support your animal from a variety of angles.

Naturally, you want your horse to look its best. But at the same time, you don’t want it to be overly ‘hot-headed’. Barastoc Complete Performer is a complete and palatable muesli-style feed that contains sufficient energy for horses in light to moderate work.  

What will Barastoc Complete Performer - Calming Feed for Horses do for my horse?

  • Contains a natural equine antacid for horses prone to gastric ulcers in horses.

  • Bio-available Calcium and Magnesium to maintain correct nervous system function.

  • DHA and EPA Rich Omega Essential Fatty Acids provide immune support for horses whilst reducing inflammation.

Product benefits

  • Slow release energy
  • Joint health
  • Ulcer support
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