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Cool And Complete Breeder Pellets 30kg

Cool And Complete Breeder Pellets 30kg

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Formulated to meet the requirements of studs & breeding farms for serving stallions, pregnant or lactating mares & a source for vital amino acids necessary to support optimum bone growth & muscle development in young growing horses.

The Pelleting process gelatinizes the starches in grains, reducing bacteria such as salmonella & increases digestibility. This process causes minimal damage to sensitive nutrients. Extrusion processes are subject to extremes of pressure, temperature & moisture, which can have a detrimental effect on some nutrients such as vitamins. 

High quality ingredients are used & formulated to supply balanced levels of energy, proteins & essential amino acids. Vegetable oils containing important Omega threes. Vitamins and Minerals are sourced from Europe, they are coated to provide stability and resist degradation during the pelleting process. Bentonite reduces the incidence of lactic acidosis.

Selection of the following ingredients: Millrun ( Bran, Pollard, Wheatgerm ), Cereal Grains (Oat free), Lucerne, Soyabean meal, Vegetable oil, Molasses, Vitamins, Minerals, Salts, Bentonite, Choline, Anti-oxidants

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