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Low Gi Cubes 20 Kilo Kentucky

Low Gi Cubes 20 Kilo Kentucky

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Low GI Cube - Low GI Diet For Horses

A low glycaemic, or low GI horse feed with slow-release energy for breeding, growing and performance horses.

Low Starch Diet for Horses

Barastoc Low GI Cube is the ideal way to provide your horse with a low glycaemic, or low GI horse feed with slow-release energy for breeding, growing and performance horses. A low GI diet that ensures they receive the essential nutrients required for breeding, growing and performance horses. This  balanced  horse feed also minimises the risk of diet-derived disorders such as developmental orthopaedic disease (DOD).

What will Barastoc Low-GI Cube do for my horse?

  • Formulated as a lower starch diet with multiple super fibre sources and added oils in a cube form, Barastoc Low GI provides a research-proven low glycaemic diet ensuring slow release, cool energy.

  • Perfectly balanced for performance and breeding horses intolerant to high grain diets, and young horses at risk of Developmental Orthopaedic Disease.

  • Contains KER Buffered Mineral Complex™ (BMC) for gastric buffering and to enhance bone mineralisation.

Product Benefits

  • Slow release energy
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Low Glycaemic Index

feeding rates

The recommendations provided are intended as a guide only. The amount fed will vary according to the horse’s condition and the quality of pasture and/or roughage available. Barastoc Low GI Cube can be used to supplement grazing and/or high-quality roughage to not more than one half of the horse’s daily feed intake by weight. Introduce this feed gradually over a two week period. Intake less than the levels listed may require additional vitamin and mineral supplementation. For horses or ponies with an estimated weight substantially below or above 500kg please consult Barastoc for a more detailed feeding rate and diet analysis.

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