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Lucerne/Wheaton Chaff Steam Cut 28kg

Lucerne/Wheaton Chaff Steam Cut 28kg

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Highly palatable and great source of fibre for active sport horses and ponies.

We treat the hay with steam before it's cut into chaff to reduce splintering and dust and produce a better quality product. It also unlock complex structures of starches and proteins, improving nutritional value and making digestion easier.

We then cut the hay into a specific length (6-8mm) as it passes through a cutter blade. The nice even cut of our chaff is desirable for horses and easier for them to eat. The chaff is then triple seived, dried, cooled and bagged.

We aim to produce chaff with a consistent size (6-8mm), fresh smell, good colour and good nutritional content that is free of dust and contaminants. 

  • Improves small intentine digestibility

  • Increases palatability

  • Reduces the amount of dust in the feed bin

  • Improves air quality in the stable

  • Steam destroys toxins & bacteria

  • Helps reduce respiratory problems

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